SPAZZIO - about


Ladies and Gentlemen

For almost 20 years I'm working as an architect. I have graduated the Faculty of Architecture at Warsaw Technical University and studied under scholarship at L'Ecole d 'Architecture - Montpelier, France.

SPAZIO - in Italian means a space, space which surrounds us, the place, environment ... That's what I wanted to create space.

Architecture is the background for the process of life, pending at various levels and in different dimensions of the light, space, nature through lack of boundaries and limitations.

My philosophy of architecture is expressed in the individual approach to every project - for a complete solution - a clear and single answer that defines the best place, customer expectations, technical requirements and individual language by which the facility conducts a dialogue with a specific environment and user.

The idea behind my work is that architecture is created for man, not vice versa.
SPAZZIO design is mainly focused on serving the large investment, developers and private investors.